Company choirs


For the company, having a choir means:


more relaxed and creative employees


more cohesive teams that collaborate better with one another


a changing corporate image: by taking care of its employees, it enhances their artistic talents


a new dynamic that can be perceived inside and outside the company and enables it to attract new talent

For the teams that sing, a choir means:


a sharing, a mutual listening, a meeting in a different context where everyone agrees to reveal their emotions


a spirit of solidarity and attention to others beyond the hierarchies and competitions of the professional world


the pride of sharing a common work during a concert with the rest of the company

For each employee who sing, a choir means:


A moment of relaxation: through the secretion of dopamine, the decrease of cortisol, the stress hormone, the work on breathing and voice placement. Singing in a choir gives you a break to work better for the rest of the day.


an increased ability to concentrate


improved self-confidence: to better take one’s place in a group, to speak in public

I offer you the following tailor-made possibilities:


To help your employees discover an original artistic activity over a short period of time

This offer is for you if:

  • you are looking for an original artistic activity to propose to your employees.
  • you have a limited budget and time available
  • you see this activity as part of a wider cultural or sporting offer
  • the advantage? If this offer appeals to your employees, you can always choose a more complete offer with concert(s) afterwards.

In concrete terms:


  • a preparation meeting to define together your objectives and the repertoire you wish to perform
  • 3 months of weekly rehearsals, i.e. a dozen rehearsals per week
  • 45 mn per rehearsal


To offer your employees a choral experience that is a source of sharing and pride and reflects your company’s values

This offer is for you if:

  • you want to create a true long-term company choir, a choir that illustrates your company’s values.
  • you wish to give your employees the opportunity to do more in-depth work over the long term, allowing them to benefit from all the benefits of singing and to have time to progress.
  • you are keen to offer all your employees a strong moment of sharing and pride with a concert.

In concrete terms:

  • a preparation meeting to define together the objectives sought with this choir, the communication plan to attract employees, the terms and conditions of the concert, and so on.
  • from 6 to 9 months of weekly rehearsals, i.e. between 24 and 36 rehearsals
  • 1h30 per rehearsal



My most complete offer to maximize the benefits of choir in your company.

This offer is for you if:

  • you are convinced of what the choir can bring at all levels: for the company, as a team, as an individual.
  • you wish to offer your employees festive and unifying moments that celebrate the values of the company .
  • you have a global approach to the choir and more generally to music in the company and you conceive it as a component of the HR policy and the attractiveness of the company.

In concrete terms:


  • preparatory meeting to define together the objectives sought with this choir, the communication plan to attract employees, the terms of the concert and the contract
  • a full year of weekly rehearsals, i.e. 36 rehearsals from September to June
  • 1h30 per rehearsal
  • a one-hour debriefing meeting to measure the impact of the choir on various subjects (image, pride of belonging, team cohesion, etc.).

Answers to your questions

Who can sing?

The company choirs are for everyone, beginners and advanced.

When do rehearsals take place?

Each week around an experienced choir conductor

  in the morning for an early awakening

  – at lunchtime for a musical break

  – at the end of the day to end the working day

Where do they take place?

No time lost in transport, rehearsals take place in the company. 

Easy to set up, a meeting room is enough.

How long does a rehearsal last?

between 45 mn and 1h30, depending on the chosen formula.

What is the minimum number of people needed to start a choir?

There must be at least 15 people to have enough singers.

With Covid, can we continue to sing?

Of course. One can sing either with a mask or at a distance of 2 meters from the other singers and the choir master.

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