Teambuilding “Choral singing”


Offer your teams an experience to strengthen team cohesion and develop self-confidence

This offer is for you if you wish to:

Recreate a bond with your scattered teams who, with the health context, have mostly been working from home for several months

Encourage the commitment of your employees and bring them together in a themed teambuilding to reinforce their pride in belonging to the company

• Offer them an activity that provides them with well-being and relaxation by letting go in an activity full of joy

In concrete terms:

• 2-hour modules at regular intervals for a lasting effect on team cohesion and employee commitment

• a preparatory meeting to define together your objectives and the way to reach them

Let’s talk about it! We adapt to your needs.


Are your teams still all working remotely?

I offer online singing workshops. Give your employees a special moment to get together with colleagues, relax, learn how to position their breathing and body posture and sing!

In concrete terms:

• one-hour workshops

• in groups of 8 people maximum

• it is possible to opt for a cycle of workshops to allow all employees to live the same experience.


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