Offer your teams an experience of positive energy and relaxation to strengthen their cohesion and help them work better together:

Who is it for?

• A team that needs to get together in a different context and create something together
• Several teams who want to work better together

How many people?

• From 10 people upwards

How does it work?

• In your company with 2-hour modules spaced out over a month to deepen the experience
• During a seminar in or outside the workplace: a session to take your mind off things!

What repertoire?

• Pop, French music, gospel, classical music, world music: we decide this together during a preparatory session.

What are the benefits?

• Allowing everyone to find their place in the group, whatever their hierarchical level
• Practising together an activity full of positive energy that goes beyond the competitions of the professional world
• Developing creativity, concentration and listening skills
• Strengthen the shared sense of belonging, team cohesion and employee commitment

Would you like to find out more?
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